Remedial Massage Therapy



A Therapeutic or Deep tissue massage, is what I consider a maintenance massage and is for those who like the feeling of deep and firm pressure when having a massage.

Therapeutic massage can be a full body treatment or target just the areas the client wants to be treated. During this form of treatment, I like to blend the flow of Kahuna and Swedish with the firmness of Remedial. Throughout the treatment, I like to move the body around to open up muscle groups and to help stretch and target areas that often cause pain, discomfort, and poor posture.

Who should book in for a Therapeutic/Deep tissue Massage

A Therapeutic Massage is an ideal choice for people who suffer from general muscle tension and pain due to work, sport, and other lifestyle choices.

Athletes benefit from regular therapeutic massage as it helps to keep their muscle fibers pliable, flexible, and will help to reduce the occurrence of ‘DOMS’ (Delayed onset of muscle soreness), flush lactic acid out of the muscles and prevent or reduce the severity of future injuries.

People who work long hours often in the same position (such as desk workers) or people with high demands on their body, i.e., Nurses, Tradies, Gardeners, also benefit from routine massage as it can help reduce and prevent the impact of repetitive strain injuries, encourage good posture and minimise long term muscular-skeletal pain.

As with all massages, it is recommended to be fully hydrated before your treatment and to continue drinking plenty of water after the treatment.

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