Remedial Massage Therapy

manual lymphatic drain


The lymphatic system has three primary functions: it creates a significant part of our immune system, removes excess fluids from cells in your body, absorbs fatty acids and fat, then transports them to the circulatory system and out of the body.

Our lymphatic system does not have a heartbeat to pump fluids around the body. Instead, it is dependent on muscle contraction and good hydration to pump excess fluids from the extremities into the circulatory system and out of the body.

For some people, the body needs a helping hand, a good example of this is people who suffer from Lymphedema. In these cases, a manual lymphatic drain can help the body remove some of the excess fluids and help to relieve the symptoms of the condition.

A lymphatic drain massage can also help alleviate bruising, edemas, and other side effects of injuries. They are also good for people who are recovering from illness as it speeds up the immune response and helps to flush sick and contaminated cells out of the body.

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