Remedial Massage Therapy

Hot rocks


An Ili Ili Hot Stone massage can be a standalone treatment or can be incorporated into other treatments such as; relaxation, therapeutic or remedial.

Ili Ili massage originated in Hawaii and is considered to have strong healing properties on spiritual, emotional and physical levels. The stones used for ili ili stone treatments are made of Basalt (volcanic rock). These stones are used because they are able to absorb and hold a consistent heat for extended periods of time.

Hot stone treatments start with a hot hand treatment. This is where I will heat my hands with the stones and use my hands for the treatment until the stones are at a suitable temperature so as not to burn my clients. Rather than using my preferred brand of Massage Balm which is ‘Tui Massage Balm’ I will use warm organic coconut oil which has antibacterial properties, hydrates the skin and hair and helps to reduce areas of swelling throughout the body. Coconut oil also helps the stones to glide smoothly over the body in a flowing motion.

During the application of hot stones and hot hands, I will also be working on stretching out tight muscles, releasing trigger points, and increasing range of motion (ROM) throughout your joints. The added application of a soothing heat helps to reduce the pain that can be associated with massage and increase your levels of relaxation. Due to the increased sense of relaxation and sleepiness often associated with this form of treatment I recommend not having anything too strenuous planned for the rest of your day.

As with all massages, it is recommended to be fully hydrated before your treatment and to continue drinking plenty of water afterward. If you wish to book an Ili Ili hot stones massage, please give me at least 24 hours' notice so that I can prepare the necessary equipment.

The heat associated with this kind of massage can also help with the following:

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