Remedial Massage Therapy

The Journey of Fluid Throughout Your Body

  • 60% of your body mass is made up of fluid. This includes Blood, Plasma, Interstitial fluid (fluid around the cells) and Lymph.
  • More than 50% of your blood is made up of plasma. The remaining 50ish% is made up of Red Blood cells (RBC), White Blood cells (WBC) and Platelets.
  • Plasma is much smaller then RBC, and Platelets and is able to move easily in and out of vessels.
  • Your Plasma is the transport system for the micro nutrients that your cells need to grow and thrive from your digestive system and delivers them to cells. These micro nutrients include water, fats, salts, proteins, and vitamins.
  • When plasma moves from the blood stream to the spaces around the cells it becomes interstitial fluid. This is when the cells can absorb the nutrients they need and expel used and unwanted nutrients. These can include toxins made up of food preservatives, proteins, and excess fluid.
  • Once the exchange of nutrients has taken place the interstitial fluid travels into the lymphatic system through the lymphatic capillaries becoming lymph taking these waste products with it.
  • At the end of its journey through the lymphatic system the Lymph re-enters the blood stream with the waste products and once again becomes plasma.
  • Waste products are filtered from the plasma by your kidneys and liver and expelled from the body and new micro nutrients are picked up ready for delivery.